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Mar 03, 2005

Tsunami Relief effort

Tsunami Relief effort

On December 26th, a devastating Tsunami swept away towns and small fishing villages all along the coastal regions of South-East Asia, abruptly ending thousands of lives and disrupting millions more. As news of the tragic event unfolded, people from all over the world were confronted with the unprecedented level of destruction and despair left in its wake. In response, local and international relief efforts commenced, shouldered by the world’s nations, but aided also, in large part, by corporate sponsorships and generous private donations.

Initially, relief efforts focused on providing the local population with basic survival needs, such as food, fresh water and medical attention. Emergency kits, consisting of temporary shelters and amenities like clothes and footwear, were also distributed. As the aid effort progressed, the humanitarian organizations were supported by hundreds of volunteers
– many of them foreign tourists on holiday – who joined the ranks of care givers and formed an essential part of the effort.

Today, rebuilding the affected areas continues. Survivors are striving to return a sense of normalcy into their day to day affairs by picking up the remnants of their disrupted lives. As the photograph below illustrates, they are not alone in this endeavor, as human kindness, cultural sensitivity and global friendship flourish in the face of natural disaster and human suffering.

The Cavotec Group and its employees are proud to be a part of this global outreach of humanitarian support and understanding.