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Dec 15, 2003

Radio remote in Mining & Tunnelling applications

Radio remote in Mining & Tunnelling applications

Stockholm December 15, 2003

The Cavotec Group is perhaps best known as one of the world's leading manufacture of power supply equipment for industrial applications, and of electrical equipment for the tunnelling and mining industry. However, in recent
times the company has quietly been expanding its options and since 2001 a partner with Micro-control AS in Norway, a major manufacture of radio remote controls systems.

Micro-control MC-3000 EEx is the first ever EEx radio remote control to obtain an ATEX approval. This means that the units can be used in environments where possible explosions could occur. The radio remote control has several types of communications for cable control: RS-422, RS-485 and for radio control: 433 MHz to 443 MHz.

This radio remote system provides a secure and flexible control of many types of machinery. Typical applications are in mining and tunnelling, maritime, oil and gas areas where it is imperative that the operator can move around unrestricted. The system can be delivered with simplex or duplex communication. With the duplex communication option the operator can receive messages (alarm messages, status indications etc.) through led´s, control display, indicator instruments, etc. Additionally the base unit can be delivered with a serial interface for the most common bus standards on the market today. This base unit can on request be delivered without explosion proof and increased safety encapsulation if this is deemed not necessary. The battery used in the terminal is intrinsically safe. As a consequence the exchanging of the battery can be done in an explosive area.

The terminal (transmitter) is Zone I, Gas group I/II B, Temperature class T4 and the base unit (receiver) is Zone I, Gas group IIB/IIC and temperature class T6.

The Cavotec Group has its own sales and service companies in 22 countries with five manufacturing "Centres of Excellence" located in Canada, Italy, Germany, France and Sweden.

Additionally there are five local manufacturing units in Australia, China, Germany, Sweden and U.S.A.