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Jan 01, 2004

Cavotec Group acquires Fladung GmbH

Cavotec Group acquires Fladung GmbH

Monza, January 2004
It is with great pleasure that from today we have formed an alliance with Fladung GmbH, Germany.

The co-operation with Fladung is another step in our ambition to enter the fast developing airport market, and will strengthen our possibilities to market the Cavotec Caddy worldwide. By combining the marketing strength the Cavotec Group, with Fladung's well-established good reputation as a leading company in the field of Aircraft Support Systems, we feel sure we can acquire and develop a leading role in this field on a worldwide basis.

Fladung is today a clear market leader in Europe and Asia for Aircraft Support Systems, and the only company with a comprehensive range of products for this market. Their main products being: 400Hz Connectors & Cables, 400Hz Cable Retrievers (Cable Reels), "Crocodiles" or Scissor Extensions and Airport Pit Systems. The company is located in Mömbris some 40km eat of Frankfurt and has 60 employees.
In recent years we have seen clear signs that a new market is starting to develop, mainly due to the entry of new larger aircrafts like the Airbus 380, but also due increased demands for efficiency handling of cables and hoses on the tarmac. We feel that with this alliance the way is clear for the Cavotec Group to enter the market of airport support systems with our customary quality and service-minded approach.
For more information please contact Lars Hellman